A Rosé in Winter

Ack thptt! The poisonous tabloidese continues to infect this blog, but I can't stop. What I can do is grovel, especially if you bring me fine wine to grovel with.

Before the rosé there was Domaines Virginie Marsanne 02003, under cork. A very tasty 14+/20 drop for the price, if lacking the weight that defines good marsanne. Made in the modern fashion to emphasise the fruit, and showing no signs of the oxidation (which I might not necessarily object to) that this variety is supposedly prone to. (Last night Bob and I tried the other good Rhône white grape, but in the form of d'Arenberg Money Spider Rousanne 02003, screwcapped. Now that's the business: oily, aromatic, d'Arenberg bigness - 15/20. Yum)

The pinky drinky was Antipodean Sangiovese 02004, screwcapped (Ha! Random Ozzy grape choice. Again). All very well, dry enough, plenty of strawberries once you get past the bubblegum - even some cherries, but I'm still not a rosé drinker. I know, it's a character flaw. This stuff gets 14/20, which is as high as I've ever rated any rosé.

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Anonymous said...

Rodbod, Not a Rose fan eh? Don't you like a little blush. Not aroused by things weta d pink. Suits you surely sir. Suits you sir, suits you.

Now my tip dear fellow is to abandon yourself to the delights of a 2004 Clos Lachance Rose from California, I believe, coming to an Oddbins near you in June. Grenache/Syrah blend, dry with high-toned, succulent ripe cherry, raspberry and cranberry fruit, tannic notes for mouth feel, firm mineral acidity for backbone and drive with subtle nuances of blackcurrant leaf on an extended finish. The best Rose under £10 ever. You bet and trust me this will tickle your pink.