Boroli Barolo By Golly

Heh heh heh heh. I get to taste this twice in the space of a fortnight, and I haven't done a good deed in, oh, weeks and months. The world has gone awry, but the slope is all towards me, so that's OK.

Boroli Barolo (1999, cork), was offered to us as 'basic' Barolo (translation: cheap, and thus perhaps crap), but I am pleased to say it is the very antithesis of basic. It has such a complex nose, you could spend an hour teasing out the different elements, and still not be half done. I found molasses, aniseed, chocolate, a softly floral note, and some medicinal high tones, all laid over a solid dark fruitiness. As a result of lingering over the wonderful bouquet, I rather glugged it, but I can say that it has a medium body, still with loads of tannins despite being seven years old, and very tasty in a dark fruit way. Superb (= 5).