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Sentir le Bouchon! is a blog about booze. It's published erratically, on no schedule at all, because I'm very good at finding other things to do with my time.

The name comes from a wonderful illustration by Charles Martin in a book published by Nicolas, the French wine merchants, in 1927, called Monseigneur Le Vin. It translates as "Smell the Cork".

I tend to write about drinks I like, and think are worth telling you about. Perhaps I should also write a companion blog to tell you about all the crappy drinks to avoid, but so far that hasn't happened.

These days I avoid using scores, because I find them unhelpful, but in the past I held a different view, and did use them. Hence, older posts will reference a five point scale, and very old posts a 20 point scale.

I try to avoid the fruit salad approach to describing tastes and aromas, because it seems silly. On the other hand, my prose does get rather purple on occasion.

I do accept samples for review, as well as spending my own hard earned cash. I like to think that I'm more objective when I haven't made a purchase, because I don't have any skin in the game, as they say. Unhelpfully, I don't bother noting in each blog post whether I paid for the drink in question, so you may want to read what I say with a generous pinch of salt.

If you want to send me a review sample, email me.

About Me
I earn a living from selling booze, and have done so since 2001, when I signed on with the good ship Oddbins. Since 2013 I have worked at The Good Spirits Co, in Glasgow.

I also run private tasting events - if you would like me to organise a tasting, get in touch.

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My Annoying Opinions said...

Hi Rod: Came upon your blog via your comment recently on mine. It's always a pleasure to read good writing. I look forward to returning regularly.