Outfoxed by a cunning Sicilian

A new wine to try, and blind (yipee). It is overchilled to start with, so the nose is rather reticent, but a touch of sweet vanilla oak comes through, and maybe sizzled butter. Let it warm in my hand and I get apricot or peach, then almond, so I'm starting to wonder if it might be a viognier. But the palate is only slightly oily, and there isn't really any bitter peach-pit. The style is distinctly Australian, but the wine ain't nearly big enough. By now I'm fairly sure of myself. It's a Chilean chardonnay, or just maybe a Pays d'Oc chardonnay.

Ha! Inycon fiano (IGT Sicilia) 02002. It's a distinctly modern style, which doesn't seem, well, Italian to me (says the man who has never tasted fiano before). I wonder, do you think it is reasonable to go from those flavours to chardonnay?

15/20 (just: marked up slightly for being blind, and interesting)

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