Hmmn. Didn't anticipate that

Time for a change of plan, perhaps. At the Oddbins Wine Fair in Edinburgh, someone (nameless, so far, but that may change, depending on what mileage can be extracted) recognised me from the little picture that sits in the top left corner of this blog. All well and good, I hear you say, everyone likes egoboo. Except that what happened was this. We said hello, he poured me some wine, I drank it, we said goodbye, I turned away, then he shouted after me (corporate venue / noisy / crap acoustics), "Smell my cork!, Smell the Cork!".

I could see people on all sides edging away.

Ah well. Lovely wine, too.

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Anonymous said...

Rumbled! As I was pouring the wine I knew I recognised the face... it just took a minute or two for the penny to drop.

The "smell my cork!" response was a rather other-enthusiastic ejaculation owing to sipping Mr Glaetzer's 16%-plus cuvées for most of the day.

Great to meet you and put a real life-sized human body to the 2D blogger picture.