Gavi Bricco Battistina

B was in Edinburgh yesterday, and the call of Valvona and Crolla was irresistable. In amongst the other tasties was a bottle of Gavi Bricco Battistina, from Araldica Vini Piemontesi. (02003, cork)

A very shiny pale gold, the wine had a mature nose faintly reminiscent of champagne - stony, watery, slightly spicy. The palate was dry and full, very satisfying and with a good bitter finish. The flavours were, initially, green apple, then stoniness and something woody or stalky. I caught a hint of oxidation or sherrying, so I certainly wouldn't want to keep this one. But then, it's a fifteen pointer right now, so I'll just go and polish off the last of it. Chin chin...


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