If Alan Scott were a wine (No, not THAT Allan Scott)

Last year it was all split labels. Before that it was Animals on your label. Some wineries managed split labels with pictures of animals and an animal name.

I believe I have spotted the beginning of the latest trend in wine labelling: intertextuality. In evidence let me point to Fox Gordon's Princess Fiano (buy it before it gets lawyered out of existence) and tonight's tasty little drop, Lanterna Trebbiano d'Abruzzo 08.

This is a steely, medium-weighted dry white with a lovely sour lime-y finish which is really very good indeed (3++), and falls into that rather tiny intersection of Trebbiano and interesting. Enjoy it while the further intersection of the wine's freshness and the warm weather is still to be be found (translation: Drink Now).

But the label. Lurid Green Ink. Lanterna. See what I mean?

For my next piece, I hope to be able to report on Mondavi's newest release, Optimus One.

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